Saturday 5th September 2020: 8 of Swords

The week ends with the leaden Saturnine sky of the Lord of Shortened Force, the Eight of Swords. The arcana is ruled by Jupiter in detrimental Gemini, sign whose tendency to scatter thoughts makes it difficult for Jupiter to flourish, but it does provide an opportunity for Saturn to weigh upon us this weekend, half way through the Trinity season, suspended in liturgical time between the (12) Hanged Man and (13) Death. It is as if yesterday’s marked Venutian quality has caused the Queen of Wands to recall some inner vulnerability and to be caught up in her thoughts as she remembers the hurt that was caused either by or to her. The dynamic solar energies of this week seem to have ended with the Queen of Wands on Friday, bringing us to a new phase quite possibly under the influence of Saturn…

Weekly Roundup

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